I began my career as a rock radio air personality, quickly becoming a promotions and events manager. I love bringing people, fun ideas, and dollars together, and learned that partnership marketing and event management truly was a passion of mine. I love the creativity of conceptualizing ideas and then seeing them come to life on a real life canvas.

I eventually entered the world of media sales, and focused on developing the business and client skills that I would need to further the bigger picture of my own media career. I love working with clients, listening to their visions and helping them to make their visions a reality with a focused plan including traditional and non-traditional mediums.

After many years, I decided that I would take my own leap of faith and go out on my own. Affluent Creative is a Boutique Entertainment and Media Agency that is full of vision, passion and creativity. Whether it’s a simple business makeover, developing your very first vision, creating your special event, or self promotion of your personal/career dreams, at Affluent Creative, "WE LOVE A CHALLENGE".

Bill Hershy


Affluent Creative